Thursday, June 24, 2010

Artoyz - School's Out !

Today is the opening if the Schools'Out show at the Artoyz shop/gallery !

It is a special exhibition about school souvenirs illustrated by 40 artists, it will take place at the Artoyz Gallery (Paris). Participants :
Andrew Bell, Arnaud Loumeau, Aurélie Neyret, Bunka, Comoseta, Craiion, Cuypi, Emmanuel Malin, Gate, Genevieve Gauckler, Guillaumit, HelloFreaks, J.A.C.K., Josh Hayes, Keuj, Kev Grey, Kid Acne, Koa, LVL Studio, Mark Todd, Mikkimixx, Mist, Niark, Nikodem, Noper, Ödo, PeachBeach, Peskimo, ShoboShobo, Short, Skwak, Stan, Stephane Levallois, Studiobüro, Superdeux, Supercinq, Tanxxx, Veronique Meignaud, Veuch.

School’s Out | info.
Opening reception : thursday, June 24th.
June 24th - August 28th.

My participation:


Alexandra "fait et rit" said...

Tres jolie :))

paooooo said...

oh yea, cool de voir du neuf, ça envois bien ^^

Unknown said...

excellent, very great drawing!

Emmanuel Malin said...

Hey thanks !
This exhibition has been a good reason to get back to the pencils and have fun with lines, I will try to update the blog more, with sketchbook drawings :]